Here’s What To Do When You Get Engaged

February 6, 2024

Congratulations! Pop the bubbly and let’s celebrate because you’re engaged!

After you share your excitement to all those close to you, what should you do next?

Your engagement era can be tricky to navigate and full of uncertainty, stressful planning, and a couple of tense conversations between you and your intended. Let the Bill Hansen team help you with our tried-and-true checklist so you can not only get through your planning stage without pulling your hair out, but actually enjoy the fun ride the engagement period should be.

First Thing’s First – Enjoy the Moment

Excitement and bliss can hardly describe how you’re feeling right now. Remember to take some time to savor the experience, share your emotions to solidify this memory of love and being loved. Good communication is a vital building block to a happy marriage, and sharing your heart, and listening to your SO share their feelings back is so important at this stage.

Clarify goals and how much involvement each of you will have in each process of the planning. After you call your parents and tell them you’re ‘official’, sit down and discuss some of the dreams you have for your wedding day. Sharing these visions now can help keep you aligned throughout the engagement stage.

You don’t need to dive into deep planning at this point, but if you have a prepared list of expectations and priorities or a Pinterest board, now is the time to bring it out and dream together. Oh, and don’t forget to post that ring selfie!

Diving Headfirst into Planning

There’s so much to do! But starting with this list first will put your planning in the right direction. 

  1. Pick a Date. Is it set in stone or flexible? Having a flexible date can assist you when choosing a venue.
  2. Draft a Guest List. Getting on the same page for your wants in this area will help other details fall into place.
  3. Location. That means wedding venues! Where do you want to get married? Somewhere tropical? Maybe a destination wedding? Indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception? The Bill Hansen team can help with that: Browse through our portfolio of lovely wedding venues across South Florida for inspo.
  4. Budget. Be realistic about how much you can spend. This will inform all of the decision making during the planning process.

Calling out for Support

This is not the time to take it all on yourself. Even though it is ‘your’ wedding day, you definitely want to get comfortable with delegating some responsibilities. 

  • Our most important advice? Decide on a Wedding Planner or Day-of-Coordinator. Check out our tips on 5 Things To Look For In An Event Planner. Did you know Hansen Group has a concierge service to help you with all of the details along the way? Contact us to schedule a Free consultation and see how our 40+ years of expertise can make your planning oh-so smooth. 
  • Who’s joining the Bridal Party? Besides getting expert advice and assistance, you both should begin to choose who will be in the Bridal Party. How many bridesmaids and groomsmen will you have? Settle on who your Best Man and Maid of Honor will be, and take the time to clarify some of their expected roles with each other.
  • Advice not taken. Remember this is your time. Even though everyone has an opinion, you don’t have to take everyone’s offered advice. Whether it’s solicited or not, it’s your choice together to discuss and make an informed decision based on your wants. 
  • Other items you can have fun doing but can delegate some responsibility:
    • Build a wedding website.
    • Research vendors.
    • Find a photographer for an engagement photoshoot.
    • Plan an engagement party.

This period is truly magical. Take time to connect and remember why you chose each other. Take much needed breaks when wedding planning becomes too stressful. Make sure you can look back on this time with fondness and how much it bonded you together.

Have fun!

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