Two Critical Questions Couples Must Ask Before Visiting Venues and Vendors

August 13, 2022

Managing your budget alongside either your family or your partner for your big day can be extremely stressful and a time-consuming task. Especially if you take shortcuts at the beginning.

As you begin your planning process and narrow down your choices, you meet with vendors without having a clear vision of what you would like to spend.

This can be your biggest mistake.

With these conversations come topics of pricing and this is when setting a budget early on can be enormously helpful.  Ask this question with your significant other.

1. What Element of Your Special Day Is Most Important to You?

This can be the one decision that can change how you view the entire planning process.

For some couples, it’s the venue and for others, it can be the food.

Of course, spending the majority of your budget on just one detail of your wedding is not realistic.

Now that you have answered this question together, it is time to organize your thoughts in pen and paper.

A quick tip is rating your wedding needs and details from 1 to 10.  10 being the most important and 1 the least.

This simple task can really open up the conversation between everyone involved and give your budget its own categories and limits in a more organized way.

Now you have everything listed, it is time to reach out to professionals that fit your needs. Everything you pictured visually can now be handed over to them to make it a reality.

You will find vendors and venues in all price ranges.

Before investing any more of your time, ask your vendors this question:

2. What Are Your Price Ranges?

Leaving the price until last, after meeting with a vendor and then finding out the vendor is way out of your budget, will not only waste your time but theirs too.

A wedding planner can also help you with this process.

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