Cool Vibes, Hot Trends: Elevate Your South Florida Summer Wedding or Event with These Chic Catering Ideas

June 13, 2024

Here in South Florida, one thing for sure is summers are hot, Hot, HOT! Summer events incite a great deal of excitement and energy, so some amazing twists on classic Miami catering can elevate that experience to a new level. Let’s take a look at some new and continuing bold and creative trends to keep the heat out of your summer. Here are some tips to make sure your South Florida Wedding or Event is cool and easy:

Keeping Cool with Summer Cocktails

Bubbly edible drinks are all the rage and bring an interactive experience to your bar menu. With healthy sustainable aspects being on trend, cocktails and mocktails are whipping up fun drinks that don’t skimp on flavor. The Aperol Spritz became a fan favorite last year and continues to debut as an Instagram-worthy treat. Fruit infused lemonades, teas and kombucha on tap can blend ‘daily go-to drinks’ with a fun and colorful way to drink them. Cool down from the hot sun with liquor infused fruits, edible shots and booze-flavored popsicles. The sky’s the limit for creative cocktail options!

Interactive Food is All the Rage

Down with boring and bland! People are loving build-your-own, customizable and interactive Food Stations! While formal events will always encourage traditional sit down meals, the freedom to choose what you want with family-style dinners and food station buffets are becoming more and more popular.

DIY Taco Bars, build-your-own poke bowls and even customizable dessert stations are a fun engaging way to get your guests involved and encourage connection. Organic natural opportunities for conversation flow easily when the food is being passed around the table or you point out something to another person while holding a plate for the buffet. If your event is themed, making the food thematic is an entertaining way to keep the look and feel all around.

Gourmet food trucks have a trendy casual vibe that can support your favorite local entrepreneurs. Incorporating caviar in special ways has become increasingly popular as well. Over the top ice sculptures that beautifully display the caviar bar or small touches of caviar throughout the event can level up any party. Check out Bill Hansen Catering’s Caviar Station at a recent wedding here. When the food is exquisite or extravagant it can make a memorable atmosphere that people won’t soon forget.

Global Fusion Meets Local Cuisine

The concept of combining the love of flavors from different cultures has always been an awesome trend, but now it’s becoming par for the course. Couples from different backgrounds and separate ethnicities are incorporating their personal love for their favorite culture’s food into their menu.

A fusion of the two cultures is where absolute magic happens! From Sushi Burritos, Korean BBQ tacos and Mediterranean Flatbreads; these exciting diverse flavors are appealing to adventurous eaters. The commitment to locally sourced foods doesn’t mean you have to compromise flavor. The Culinary Team at Bill Hansen Catering seek out responsible locally sourced ingredients to fuse the global flavor from different ethnic backdrops. The beautiful melting pot South Florida cuisine supplies makes it easy to find the essence you’re looking for. Spice up that reception menu with local seasoning every guest will enjoy.

Too foodie for your blood? Try throwing in a couple of our chef’s fusion ideas with hors d’oeuvres in your cocktail hour or try them out during a specialized tasting to see what you and your favorite people think! 

Sustainable is Loud and Proud

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a necessity. The importance of being earth friendly and eco-conscious isn’t considered optional anymore. Locally caught seafood, eco-friendly serving ware and fresh and flavorful seasonal produce that bring color and delight to your event. Shake hands with a caterer and company that supports local farmers and businesses, one where vendors are friendors and together they make South Florida a better place.

Make sure to ask your South Florida Caterer if they know of organizations that collect leftover food after events so clients can help those in the community who are food-insecure. Greener menus aren’t the only change happening, the trend in decorating with fresh and locally sourced produce and greenery is hot and in style. Creating out of the box ideas to showcase food will be on the forefront of the caterer’s mind. Visually the food must be appealing to the eye before we reach out and taste.

Incorporating a grazing table full of life and color will make this happen. Expect to see a rise in plant based menus, more vegetarian and vegan options that even meat eaters will enjoy. The sustainable trend is often about eating ‘less meat’ and embracing more plant based options. These new techniques will enhance how we view and taste vegetarian and vegan options. Vegan menus practically eliminate the need for diet restrictions and offer an equal playing field for all. 

Beat the heat with these tips and tricks to make your summer innovative and on point. Embracing courageous ideas can upgrade your party in a way that your guests will make memories that will always bring them back to the summer of 2024.

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