Stephanie + Daniel’s Elegant Star Wars Inspired Wedding

July 17, 2020

Leia: “I love you.”
Han Solo: “I know.”

There is no question Stephanie and Daniel’s celebration of love with Villa Woodbine‘s enchanted backdrop surrounding the alfresco reception’s stunning royal tables with pops of blue is hands-down one of our favorite weddings! Each thoughtful detail showed off their personalities, and they nailed it. They didn’t shy away from elegance on their big day, but they also found meaningful ways to add personalized twists that came through seamlessly.

When the two swiped on the well-known dating app, Tinder, over Daft Punk lyrics, a “Get Lucky” neon sign was a must. A candle-lit display of old family photos in the Villa’s living room was on display to pay tribute to loved ones. When it came time to hit the dance floor, there were a few very special guests that made an appearance! Also, who needs sparklers when you have light-sabers? The force is strong with these two!

couple kissing in a car
lemonade on a tray
wine glasses decorated
decorated outdoor food area
dining chairs arranged in a wedding
dining table decorated with flowers and wine glass
people giving photos in a wedding
couple looking at each other with drinks in their hand
loving memory card with a candle before a photo frame
people in a wedding
a table full of donuts and cakes
couple in a wedding coming from an entrance
people eating in outdoor dining area
papers and wine bottle on a table
couple photography
get today neon yellow light
people in a party with a lighting stick
woman wearing a mask having lighting sticks in hand
superhero in a wedding
married couple looking at each other
entrance with yellow light

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