5 Catering Trends for 2024

December 6, 2023

Pasta Cheese Wheels Take Center Stage

Step aside, traditional plates – here come the cheese wheels! The cheese wheel dates back at least a decade — if not centuries, so it’s nothing novel, however, we’re thrilled to see it making a huge comeback at events across Miami. Couples booking their weddings with Bill Hansen Catering are increasingly requesting interactive pasta stations, where al dente pasta is expertly tossed inside a hollowed wheel of cheese. While the cheese wheel serves as more of a finishing touch to your dish and a serving vessel rather than part of the dish itself, it’s presentation and interactive element will surely be a wow factor at your event. We anticipate that this trend will gain significant momentum in 2024.

Paste cheese

Late Night Snacks

Did you and your S.O. have a special fast-food joint or restaurant you always agree on? Maybe tacos are just your thing. Lots of couples are opting for their favorite late-night food run by having Bill Hansen Catering set up mini happy meals for their guests to enjoy before the evening ends. Keep your guests energized and dancing with a fun late-night snack from a taco truck. A delicious pretzel bar or some mini burgers and fries are a great way to end the night on a carbo-licious note.

Burgers and Fries

Multi-Cuisine and Fusion Catering

In a multicultural world, guests lists are diverse. Say goodbye to having a single type of cuisine for 2024 events. Bill Hansen’s couples are working closely with our culinary team to curate menus that triumph in taste, presentation, and variety.

Weddings are increasingly featuring menus that offer a plethora of cuisines, each showcasing a different culture or geographic region. It could be a mouthwatering Italian pasta, Chinese dumplings, Mexican tacos, and Indian curries, all in a single evening allowing guests to take a gastronomic voyage around the world. Fusion cuisine takes this trend a step further, mixing elements and culinary traditions from different regions into unique, exciting dishes. Imagine a pizza topped with traditional Indian paneer tikka or sushi rolls filled with Latin American-inspired fillings – that’s the magic of fusion cuisine. These innovative combinations result not only in tasteful sensations but also in the chance to create a unique, memorable dining experience that celebrates diversity and creativity.

food box
chole bhatura

Plant-Based Menus Are Still Booming

The plant-based movement is still on the rise and it’s not just a trend, it’s a way of life. We love seeing so much consideration and inclusion at events and with high-profile events like the Met Gala serving vegan food, Bill Hansen Catering is seeing more requests for vegan and vegetarian dishes than ever before. Obviously, clients don’t want to sacrifice taste! That’s why Bill Hansen’s culinary team cultivated a vegetarian menu so delicious that it tempts even the carnivores we serve. They are upscale offerings that not only look good but are equally as delicious.

Textural and Tonal Cakes

In 2024, couples will be embracing understated luxury and bridging the divide between minimalist wedding cakes and intricately designed masterpieces. Keep an eye out for monochromatic textured cakes that offer a perfect balance. The all-white color scheme lends a subtle elegance to the cake’s overall appearance, yet once you take a closer look, the intricate details ensure it remains anything but dull.


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