September 2013 Newsletter

Let’s Kick Start The Season!!

We’ve been busy this summer preparing for the upcoming season. Jason King, a former English butler and trainer of top service professionals, has been educating Bill Hansen Catering staffers and helping to improve their talents and even their lives. Along side with Jerry Cortese, our Director of Operations, Jason and team will be making sure you and your guests shall receive the best service in the industry!

Because we don’t hire outside staff using a staffing company, we take pride in training our employees. We hold specialized training sessions and safety courses that each employee must complete if the wish to work with us. We like to be able to provide to you a consistent level of top-rate service. Chances are if you attend more than one Bill Hansen Catering event, you’d see some familiar staff faces. Our staff is our family.

For Our Brides
“Some people say its optional, We say it’s a MUST HAVE!”
If you have never been married, planned a wedding or just are simply NOT “in the business” than you most likely have no idea what a day of coordinator is! If you do know what that is, simply “MAD PROPS.” A colleague of mine says it best “A day of coordinator is an insurance policy that covers and protects the large investment you are about to shell out on the most important day of your life.”
Simply, this a specific individual or duo pair that will make sure your day goes as perfect as you have dreamed of for the past “x” amount of years. Some might ask, what exactly do they do? Below is a list of the main functions of that insurance policy we like to call It here at Bill Hansen Catering….
We Beat The Summertime Blues
Our tent at Villa Woodbine was a big hit this summer. Why should you let Mother Nature plan the course of your event? With our air-conditioned tent, you take control. No matter how hot, humid, or amount of rain was forecasted, our tent kept guests cool and dry – all while maintaining Villa Woodbine’s outdoor ambiance!
So don’t be afraid to book your next event during the summer months. No more summertime blues. Bill Hansen Catering has you COVERED!!

Until Next Time….

Your Caterer,

Bill Hansen


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