Can you help me find a Venue?

We have catered at hundreds of South Florida venues and are expert in helping you find the perfect venue for your event.  When we meet face-to-face at our consultation, we will first determine your preferences, and then help you match your needs with the best venues available.

What other services other than catering do you provide?

We offer complete design, décor and event production services, which include:

  • Floral Design and Décor
  • Linens, Table Tops, Draping and Bars
  • Lighting
  • Furniture and Accents
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Photo Booths

We have negotiated special pricing with the best vendors in each of these categories and will work with you on putting everything together to produce your wedding or event.

Why is it so important to have day of coordination?

You have invested a considerable amount of time and money in your event.  There are myriad details beyond the catering functions that need to be tended to.  Of course, you can do them yourself, or assign them to a family member, but with one of our coordinators, you will be relieved of the stress of managing the other details.  You are free to freely enjoy your wedding, knowing that your coordinator will be making sure all of the details are handled.

We are interested in a professional mixologist to prepare custom, cutting edge drinks. Can you help me?

We can provide you options for this service.  Prices vary depending upon the number of hours and the cost of the ingredients.  This service is customized for you.

When will my bar close?

The bar will close at the stop time listed on your proposal and contract.  If you would like to arrange for overtime, speak to your catering director at least 30 minutes before you stop time and you will be charged accordingly.  Keep in mind that at Villa Woodbine and many other venues, your cannot stay past the curfew time.  For example, at Villa Woodbine it is 11 PM.  Other venues have different curfew times due to local ordinances.

What is a dual entrée?

depending upon the costs of the items.

Do you do Kosher and Kosher-style weddings?

Yes….we are expert at both

Can you cater for me on a yacht?

We love catering on the water…. Do you have a yacht already chartered, or do you need suggestions?

May i order my own rental items?

We are fully prepared to handle of your rental items.  We are privy to excellent pricing and have the largest selection of rental items in South Florida.  We will guide you through the process

A dual entrée includes two proteins on each plate, along with a starch and vegetable of your choosing.  For most people, this works well and eliminates advance ordering before you event.  If you do not like dual entrees we can serve everyone a single entrée, you can pre-order for everyone and advise us as to where each guests is sitting, or we can take orders from each of your guests at the table.  You can customize your event to your satisfaction.

Why is the price for the buffet and seated-served the same?

Seated-served requires more staff and a precise amount of food while  buffetservice requires more food, extra equipment and less service staff…..so it balances out.  We can even combine forms of both to personalize your wedding of event.

What is the difference between buffets and stations?

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What can you change to meet my budget?

We assure you of a flawless event and never compromise our high quality food and service for a lower price. We do offer various menu options that represent excellent value for what we provide.  We understand your needs to quality, service and value…and recognize

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol, except at Villa Woodbine.  Our beverage prices are very reasonable, and most of our clients find that it’s only a little more money, yet lots less hassle to have us provide the alcohol.

Do you offer different bar packages?

We offer a variety of bar packages that your sales consultant will review with you at your initial consultation.

Can I bring my own tequila?

Absolutely—you are always welcome to supplement the bar with some of your own alcohol.  We do not charge a corkage fee for this.  Our bartenders will serve your liquor to your guests.  Please note, however, that we do not serve shots at weddings, since this promotes over-consumption and puts you, your guests and our business at risks.

A buffet is a meal from a line,usually salad, choice of 2 entrees, side dishes and then dessert with rolls and butter.  Stations offer a variety of food choices with different options for each station.

Do you accept payment in cash?

We prefer not to take cash, but we will if that serves your needs.  Our menus prices are discounted by 4% if you pay with a check or wire transfer..If you would like to use a credit card, please add 4%.

Do we cater at private homes?

We have catered in thousands of private residences over our 33 years in business.  We travel to the Keys and north to Palm Beach.

Can you mix and match our series menus?

We can customize any menu.  We can move items from series to series.  Of course, prices will vary that we are not the right caterer for everyone.  As long as your budget fits into the parameters of our pricing, then we can move forward.  If not, we need to identify the issue early on so that we do not waste your time, and you do not waste ours with unrealistic expectations.


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