Club Space

ABOUT Club Space

Most people think of clubbing in Miami as an exercise in who can hire the most famous decorator and get the most celebrities to show up.  Club Space focuses more on the idea that dance music was meant to be experienced in a large warehouse, with loud music via a Dynacord sound system, lots of pretty lights, top notch DJs and that rarest of commodities in the club business, a 24 hour operating license.  It’s a throwback to when clubbing actually meant going out to dance for the sake of dancing, not because you were trying to prove how big your Black Card is. Divided into three spaces, including a really cool outdoor patio, a large main room and a smaller space off the to side, the atmosphere is built on imaginatively dressed go-gos, lots of shiny lasers and pretty lights, and list of DJs that would will make EDM fans drool


2167 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove, FL 33133,

Ph: 305.858.6660,

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